Springvale History

Introduced to the public in 1959 as Springvale-on-Hudson, the Springvale Apartments complex was developed by Mitchell Berenson, Lawrence Schnall and their partners. Berenson and Schnall came out of the union movement and were committed to creating a community that encourages working people approaching retirement, as well as retired and semi-retired seniors to live happily, safely and productively. The actual physical layout of Springvale is designed to foster independent, active living as well as social support and interaction. With many places to walk and meet in park-like settings, the garden apartment complex enhances the opportunities to develop friendships. One current resident who has lived at Springvale for many years reported that during a recent walk from her apartment to the office, she stopped to speak to 13 friends and acquaintances along the way!

Springvale Apartments Restoration

Thanks to a multi-million dollar complete renovation, Springvale Apartments in 2012 is both brand new and still true to its original mission. According to General Manager, Fred Tresgallo, who supervised the restoration, Springvale is even more beautiful today than it was in 1959. Management’s commitment to keeping the apartments and grounds beautiful, and always treating the residents with care and respect remains a constant. For those seeking community, the spirit and philosophy of the developers prevails, as Springvale offers a wide variety of clubs, workshops, transportation and outings to keep the residents engaged, happy and youthful.

According to Managing Partner, Richard Merbaum, the concept of Springvale really hasn’t been duplicated elsewhere. And for residents seeking to retain more disposable income, Springvale’s affordability provides an ideal solution.