Testimonials From Springvale Residents

Living at Springvale

The apartments here at Springvale are absolutely fabulous. The complex is immaculate, well maintained and quiet. Tenants here in the neighborhood have been nothing but very friendly.

Any issues you have in terms of maintenance are resolved quickly. The property management is very proactive, always updating and maintaining the place way beyond my expectations. During winter months the buildings and parking lots are plowed out immediately.

Joel Cohen

Snow Removal 2017

Just wanted to express appreciation for the maintenance and grounds crews who faithfully get out right away and work so hard to clear the property of snow and ice.  And the offer to assist with car cleaning and shoveling out of a parking space is an added blessing, I should think, for anyone no longer capable of performing such a task.

Kudos and thanks to all involved.


A Note of Praise

Just wanted to drop you a note praising, as highly as I can, two members of your maintenance team.

Within a few minutes of speaking with Violet one morning a week or so ago about my refrigerator not operating as it should, Brian Kardian was at my front door.

I explained the freezer section seemed to be working OK, but not the refrigerator area. He listened – began inspecting things – his professionalism and very positive communication skills apparent.

He made adjustments – saying it would take 10 minutes or so for the refrigerator to turn back on, and if it did not, call him and he’d return.

10 minutes later he returned without my calling him to check on his repairs. He determined they had not worked – then removed a switch from the back of the machine saying it was defective. He got a replacement – quickly returning to install it – bingo – problem solved.

I thanked him very much and asked how he solved the problem so quickly – he replied giving his many, many years as a professional plumber, solving the problem kind of came naturally.

While this note details Brian’s problem solving and excellent customer service, Violet’s customer service level is just as high as she has proven many times in the years I’ve lived here.

Idea – should either Violet or Brian express interest in working elsewhere – make them an offer to stay the can’t refuse!! All tenants will benefit!

Bill Morris

May 2015

I have been in other apartment complexes.   All of them have an outside appearance that is not appealing.  Then I drive home to my building. It is welcoming.  The buildings have aluminum siding.  The walls in front of the buildings are made of stone.  The landscaping is magnificent.  And, by the way, my apartment is a perfect size.  Security is available 24/7.  Maintenance is prompt.   I don’t hear people in other places saying these things.  I’m grateful to be part of Springvale.  If I ever retire, I will take part in many of the activities.

Sister Jeanette

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I moved to Springvale!

What a great decision…wish I had made it sooner!

The staff are so attentive to anything that needs to be done.  From my beautiful apartment to the gorgeous landscaping, to the excellent snow removal last winter, there is never anything at all that I need to worry about!

Corinne K.

What is it like living at Springvale Apartments?

Wow!  What a great place to live.  Living at Springvale Apartments is safe, clean, quiet and has great people and nice neighbors.  The laundry rooms are clean and always available.  After living at the same place for over 30 years, I thought that I would have trouble making the adjustment.

But at Springvale that was not a problem!  The apartments are roomy, spacious, bright and sunny with large closets.  Plenty of heat in the winter and an assigned parking space.  I really enjoy living here and have made some great friends.  I am close to stores and public transportation.  There are great places to walk in this wonderful complex.  Love it here!


Thank you Springvale, for being there when we needed help the most. As victims of SUPERSTORM SANDY, we had lost everything, and were living with our son in a three-room apartment on the Hudson, when I saw your sign saying 55 and above WELCOME. A very nice, friendly lady named Tina answered my call and said we could rent their furnished model apartment.

We will never forget the warmth and hospitality of everyone there, plus the beautiful views of the Hudson and the mountains, and the sounds of the birds in the morning… such a peaceful place to live.

I hope if we ever desire to move, SPRINGVALE would welcome us back. Thanks again for your help and kindness.

Audrey and Martin M.

I just renewed my lease at Springvale Apartments, having sold my home in Ossining two years ago. I have been very pleased with the community that ownership has created here in terms of focusing on communication and tenants’ well-being. They want people to be happy. Buildings are kept in very good shape, and maintenance goes on regularly. They don’t wait until there is a problem, but if something comes up it is fixed promptly. Springvale offers a great advantage over several 10, 15, 20 story apartment buildings I originally looked at…where you walk in low lighting, dark hallways seeing only a line of closed doors and have no sense of community. Springvale is built into the countryside, and the grounds are kept beautiful. I enjoy my one-bedroom garden apartment with it’s good seasonal river views. Although I am busy working, I have enjoyed meeting neighbors.

Bill M.

I’m a snowbird and have been living at Springvale Apartments for three years, originally to be close to my children. I thoroughly enjoy it. The landscaping is fantastic in all seasons with shrubs and plants flowering continuously, and the river view is great, especially for July 4th fireworks. The neighbors are friendly. Many of us meet outside under a tree, talk, laugh and have a wonderful time. The complex offers numerous excellent planned activities and trips. The office and maintenance staffs are phenomenal, whether it’s handling odds and ends, or responding to a rare emergency, such as someone leaving a sink running. In addition, I like the proximity and access to main roads and mass transit, and walking distance to shopping and many facilities. I drive, but with all that, plus the Springvale bus, you really can get around well without a car.

Rusty L.

If you are looking for a great place to live, Springvale senior apartments offers it all. Beautiful garden apartments, with private entrances on park-like grounds, quiet surroundings, river views and lots of trees. Springvale offers transportation to places of worship, shopping malls and supermarkets and is within walking distance of Metro North.

Carol S.